Do You Know? Skin Cells Could Regenerate Themselves

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Some pare cells could render to their stalk jail cellular phone state, capable to regenerate this tissue every bit good every bit Calvieri Stefano, Italian researcher who claims to take discovered a method to attain this.

In an interview published today inwards the electronic edition of the paper “La Repubblica”, Calvieri has institute that roughly existing pare cells or cultured placed on a “particular support” would render when they are able to multiply.

The cells could too hence regenerate the pare tissue, which would live “a revolution inwards the globe of dermatology,” the paper said, indicating that fifty-fifty could live applied inwards other fields, such every bit organ transplants.

Calviere, manager of the dermatology hospital of the hospital I of Rome, is waiting to patent his find that his function is published inwards the periodical PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), why has non wanted which discover that this “particular support”.

Although non cover his optimism, the manager of the hospital is cautious: “The conditional exercise is required because past now, amongst the coin too the way at our disposal, nosotros take demonstrated that these cells take roughly characteristics of the cells mother. ”

“We are convinced that they are stalk cells for all purposes, simply is necessary inwards scientific discipline to exercise all necessary precautions,” he adds.

Among the advantages of his method, Calviere notes that “has rattling depression cost” too too poses no ethical problems because the cells come upwards from embryos too umbilical cords is non cloning, simply from a patient’s ain cells .

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